The Umbrella Bar Company Ltd
Terms & Conditions

Quotation and Charges

A written quotation will be submitted to the Hirer on the assumption that:

–   the site is flat, level and clear of obstructions and that the ground is firm with easy access for motor transport and trailers;

–   there are no drains, cables or other services buried beneath the surface or otherwise concealed.

The Hirer will be charged for any additional equipment that may be required if the site does not conform to the above description.

The Umbrella Bar Company Ltd (UBC) deems written confirmation or payment of the deposit from the Hirer as acceptance of these terms & conditions.

Hire charges include only for our time whilst erecting and dismantling the UBC equipment and does not include time spent on third party equipment whether or not arranged by us, nor does it include any time in attendance at the event.  An ‘in case of emergency’ number is available to all Hirers and should a member of UBC staff be called out to an issue not deemed to be the responsibility of UBC, a call-out fee may be charged.

UBC equipment is hired for an agreed rental period.  We will arrange a time with the Hirer for installation and collection; if the site is not accessible, UBC reserves the right to charge waiting times for its staff and additional fees may be charged if such delays subsequently impact other jobs.

All quoted prices exclude VAT which must be paid, in addition, at the current rate.  Payment may be made by cash, bank transfers and all major credit cards.


A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the quotation amount is required to secure your booking, without which the equipment may be allocated to other Hirers.  Any balance must be paid in full 14 days prior to the Event.

If UBC has invested in equipment specifically requested by a client and, for whatever reason, the hiring order is cancelled after the deposit has been paid, the Hirer will be responsible for any further costs incurred by UBC.  We will, however, endeavour to adjust to the order to cater for minor changes such as final guest numbers, etc.


Charges for cancellations after payment of the deposit are as follows:

Cancellation more than 30 days prior to the event UBC will retain 50% of the deposit, to cover administrative expenses.
Cancellation between 7 and 30 days prior to the event the Hirer is responsible for 50% of the full hire charge.
Cancellation less than 7 days prior to the event the Hirer is responsible for 80% of the full hire charge.
Cancellation after equipment has been delivered the Hirer is responsible for 100% of the full hire charge.


Whilst our equipment is fully insured, the Hirer will indemnify UBC against all claims for injury to persons or loss and damage to property, unless this can be proven to be by UBS staff’s negligence.  In addition, the Hirer is responsible for the costs of replacing loss or repairing damage to UBC’s equipment caused by wilful or other misuse of the equipment by those other than UBC staff.

Hirers who have taken out a Damage Waiver will be absolved from liability for damage, unless it is caused by wilful and/or criminal behaviour by them or any persons invited by them to use the equipment supplied.

Use of Equipment

We will attempt to keep localised damage to a minimum. However, any temporary damage to the event site (such as lawns, borders, etc) caused by the siting of bars and equipment is not the responsibility of UBC, but we are happy to advise ways in which this might be minimised.

All equipment is to be returned in a clean condition or this may result in additional costs for cleaning, repair or replacement as appropriate.

Fire Safety

Inflammable items, (eg straw/hay bales, etc) must not be placed within 5 metres of any UBC bar owing to the increased risk of fire.

Electrical equipment and appliances placed in the bar by UBC, including heaters, must not be moved and neither should generators be placed too close to our equipment.  It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the electricity source (whether supplied by the Hirer or the venue) is fit for purpose and has a current PAT certificate.

Whilst candles are permitted in and on the bar, the Hirer must ensure that these are stable and placed a safe distance from anything that might pose a fire risk, in particular roof linings and any other flammable decorations.  Whilst lit, they should be monitored and it is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that they are extinguished before becoming a danger.

It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all electrical equipment, candles and any other potential hazards are switched off or extinguished, as appropriate, at the end of the event and not left running/alight when unattended.

UBC has fire extinguishers available for hire along with the rest of the equipment.  It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that such equipment is available throughout the hire period.

There is to be no heating or cooking within the bar, except by appliances specifically supplied for that purpose, whether electrical or gas.  Barbecues or open fires must not be placed within 5 metres of the bar and must not be left unattended when lit.


UBC may take photographs or video at the event and reserves the right to use these for promotional and illustration purposes.  UBC will request permission before using any that clearly show guests’ names or faces.

The Umbrella Bar Company Ltd
January 2019